Where are my leads?

We pay Trusted Choice for leads every month.

We are getting no leads. Zero…or something very close.

So…where are my leads?
At a meeting last September in New Orleans one of the Trusted Choice organizers spoke and said that the algorithm favored larger agencies. In other words, the more companies an agency represented, the more leads they received. Not good for us…so why are we even a “Trusted Choice” agency?
That algorithm makes sense, I guess…if that’s the only criteria that matters. Thing is, that’s not the only criteria that matters …or is it? I guess that depends. The trend is that the consumer wants to spend as little as possible on insurance.  To the insurance company, they want a good risk…which is easy to ascertain on a car insurance quote. A little more difficult on a homeowners, or business, insurance quote due to the variables involved.
I received a marketing email recently from a company. I usually delete these emails, but something told me to read it. One of the thing it said was  “Though we may be small in size we strive to make up for this in reliability, accountability as well as convenience & service.”. I like the idea that those things matter. Can they deliver on that promise? We’ll see…but I will defintiely give them a shot at my business.
Nothing about Trusted Choice says “reliability, accountability as well as convenience & service.”.
They withdraw my $49 every month and deliver nothing. When I asked where my leads were, the response was an immediate leads….for a line of business that we do not write. In fairness, our profile was outdated and I fixed that. My point is that they do not know their customers (agents) and they treat the largest ones the best, if I can assume that most of the leads go to the larger agencies (those with the most number of companies.
So…I am keeping my profile active and I will continue to pay them $49 per month, or take a chance that my listing will sink to the bottom of hte list.
The next article on Trusted Choice will focus on how they record your calls.
Interesting….to say the least.
We need more leads and we’ve been paying for them.
So, where are they?