Why should I continue to buy office supplies from Staples?

This is an email that I sent recently to Staples. I’m not expecting a huge change in their marketing efforts. So the question is why should I continue to buy office supplies from Staples?

I WOULD expect a change in my preference of where to buy office supplies.

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We’re a local, independent insurance agency.

We ordered office supplies
We get GEICO ads in our package
See attached.
Guaranteed this would not happen with Amazon, or Ebay, or Walmart.
What makes Staples think this is okay!
It does not appear that you are interested in the success of small businesses.
Instead you will take money from GEICO and make money on ads.
Are you in business to sell ads or supply the businesses of America with office supplies.
I think you need to make sure your direction is clear, IF you do not want to alienate your customers.
Sending me ads for GEICO has DEFINITIVELY make me think twice about spending money with you.
Forward this to management as you see appropriate.
George Page, Jr
Page Insurance, Ltd
102 Boston Street
Guilford, CT 06437
(203) 453-5259 Direct