If a loss occurs, do you know what to do?
When a person suffers a property loss, whether it is by theft, fire,
damage to personal property or other causes it is usually a traumatic
time. The last thing you want to do is to have to think about “what do I
have to do”?

In order to help you out, I have taken care of that for you.

Attached is a form, a checklist, of those things you need to do if you, in fact, suffer a property loss.

Property Loss Checklist
 Contact your local agent
 Keep a timeline of pertinent events
 If a crime was committed notify law enforcement
 Obtain copies of police / fire dept. report, if applicable.
 Obtain identification of all emergency personnel that assisted
 Record and Photograph the damage (photograph from different
 Record an inventory list of all damaged/stolen property
 Keep all damaged parts/property
 Document all conversations relating to loss (When, Who, What?)

 Take steps to prevent further damage property (remember to
keep copies of receipts for expenses)
 Secure location if uninhabitable
 Stop deliveries of newspapers, mail, cable
 Obtain repair estimates
 Obtain copy of adjusters report
 If power is out, have water turned off (winter months) eliminate
pipe freezing exposure
 Ensure all appliances / electronics are unplugged (avoid power
surge when power comes back)
 Make copies of all correspondence
 Make copies of all claim checks
 If property uninhabitable, and need to reside elsewhere:
 Keep receipts of
 Food expenses
 Travel expenses (additional mileage as a result of loss)
 Utility expenses
 Clothing expenses
 Room and board expenses
 Storage expenses if property needs to be moved and stored

A loss is traumatic enough, no sense making it harder than it already is.
Hopefully this will help.

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