Your Tree Falls into A Neighbor’s Yard or House

Your tree falls on a neighbor's house or other structure Your neighbor's insurance pays for it. But, if your neighbor can prove you were negligent by not removing it, your insurance might pay. Similar to the above example, negligence in this case will also be...

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You just had a property loss – What do you do?

If a loss occurs, do you know what to do? When a person suffers a property loss, whether it is by theft, fire, damage to personal property or other causes it is usually a traumatic time. The last thing you want to do is to have to think about “what do I have to do”?...

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Progressive Snapshot

SNAPSHOT BASICS What is Snapshot? Snapshot is Progressive’s user-based insurance (UBI) program that offers customers a personalized rate based on driving characteristics that they can actually control. Participation Discount When a customer says “Yes” to Snapshot,...

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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricanes are violent storms which bring intense winds, heavy rain, a storm surge, floods, coastal erosion, landslides, and tornadoes.  While it is difficult to predict the exact time, place, and force of hurricanes, residents of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast states...

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5 Natural Disaster Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Do natural disasters pose a threat to your home? It's unlikely your home is completely free of risk. Consider the following National Geographic disaster facts that affect homeowners worldwide each season. Tornado fact:  Tornadoes occur most often between March and...

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