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Personal Insurance

With so many insurance options, it can be hard to tell if you have the right insurance. At Page
Insurance, we work to make sure you’ve got the right insurance coverage for your individual


Antique / Collector Car Insurance

You’re a car enthusiast? We can insure your pride and joy, whether it a completely restored vehicle, driven only on the weekends, or a vintage convertible that you use more regularly.

Flexible usage, expert claims handling, guaranteed value, saving money, excellent coverage and expertise are some of the reasons to choose our program.

Our companies offer you excellent coverage, flatbed towing, zero dollar deductibles…and we’ll make sure your coverage dovetails with other liability coverage like an umbrella if placed through
our office.


Boatowners Insurance

Life on the water in Connecticut, whether it’s shoreline CT or inland CT. Sailboats, Fishing Boats, Pontoon Boats, Power Boats, Personal Watercraft. Lake, river, ocean and within 75 miles of the coast. We can can insure them all!

Credits for Homeowners, Multi-Boat, Original Owner, Safety Course, Multi-Policy, Pay In Full, advanced Quote, Association Membership, Responsible Driver, Transfer from another company


Car Insurance

What’s in a Connecticut Personal Auto Insurance policy ? Simply put, car insurance is there to protect you against financial loss due if you have an accident, or your vehicle is damaged due to
theft, collision or a traffic accidents.

And we’re here to help guide you through the process, from buying a policy to submitting a claim.

It can be difficult to determine the right amount of coverage, and even more stressful to have an accident. We can make it a little easier for you with the right coverage and concierge claims
service. get in touch today to find out more!


Coastal Homeowners Insurance

Living along the Connecticut shoreline has it’s advantages. With easy access for swimming, boating, bird watching. At the same time, there is an increased risk of flooding and windstorms, which can make it difficult to find the right insurance. Your coastal homeowners insurance is our job.

We have companies that understand and write coastal insurance, willingly, and offer coverage that does not compromise. For example, while most companies impose a hurricane deductible of 2% or 5%, we are able to write policies without a special hurricane deductible.

Hopefully you will never suffer a loss, but if you do…we’ve got you covered!


Flood Insurance

Floods can happen anywhere, not just on the Connecticut coast. According to the National Flood Insurance Program “…just one inch of floodwater can cause up to $25,000 in damage.” Homes and businesses in high-risk flood areas with mortgages from government-backed lenders are required to have flood insurance.

Flood damage is excluded from coverage on your homeowners insurance. Even if you are not in a high risk flood zone, you home may be likely to suffer flood loss in the the event of a storm. Flood insurance is a policy that provides coverage for building, or contents in a building, or both.

It’s important that you protect your assets properly, whether flood insurance is required by your bank or not. get in touch with us to learn more about hot to protect yourself from the impact of flood damage with a Flood Insurance Policy.

Golf Carts/ATV/Quad Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
Home Business Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

Stay protected on the open road with motorcycle insurance from Progressive. Solid insurance coverage can be yours or as little as $75 (state minimum limits) per year for liability coverage.

No matter what type of bike you ride…sport bike, touring bike, cruiser, moped, standard motorcycle, or custom hog, we can get you covered, including customizations.

In addition, there are credits if you are the first owner, own a home own a home, responsible driver credit, multi-policy credit and association credits.

Also…Golf Carts/ATV/Quad Insurance


Personal Umbrella Insurance

What happens when the liability limit on your policy is not enough to cover a claim against you? Consider the following example:

  • Someone sues you and is awarded a judgement of $750,000.
  • Your homeowners policy has a liability limit of $500,000
  • The Personal Umbrella Policy would step in and cover the additional $250,000.

Consider the fact that Connecticut is a state where your wages can be garnished, or a court awarded judgement could be attached to other assets. A Personal Umbrella Policy could cost as little as $250 for $1 million dollar in additional liability protection. It’s a cost effective way to protect your assets. 


Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Are you using our RV for fun, or as a full-time residence. Either way, RV insurance provides the coverage you need. We write RV insurance for Class A Class B, Class C, Cargo and Horse Trailers.

No matter what type of RV you have, or how you use it we’ll help you get covered.

In addition, there are credits if you own your own a home, responsible drive credit, multi-policy credit and association credits.


Renters’ Insurance

Living along the beautiful Connecticut shoreline has it’s advantages, in addition to being more challenging to insure. Whether you’re busy raising a family, just renting your first apartment or buying your first home, or downsizing after all your kids have left the nest…we’re here to make sure your property is protected.

In additional, you can rest assured that we’ll help protect you against lawsuits and other mishaps, too. We’ll explain every part of your policy, in plain language, and offer you coverage options that make sense.

Snowmobile Insurance
Travel Trailer Insurance
Commercial Insurance

At Page Insurance, our job is to protect your business; to help you preserve your hard-earned
assets with the appropriate coverage. We have many coverage options to suit your business, so
that you can be sure you have the coverage you need, without paying for things you don’t.

Business Owners

Business Auto Insurance

Coverage for vehicles in a wide array of business types, uses, classifications.

Can cover state required liability, as well as physical damage coverage to the vhicle.

Cars, trucks, buses, limousines and more.


Business Income Coverage

Also known as Business Interuption Insurance covers the loss of business income after a covered loss, or claim.

Can be added to a business insurance package or purchased separately.

Scenario: Fire damages a retail business. They can’t sell their product, thereby having a loss of business income.

Designed to maintain the business as if nothing happened, or indemnify the business for a loss of this type.


General Liability

What if someone trips and falls inside your store, or is injured by something that you sell, or gets sick from a food item that you make or sell? Then, what if they sue you?

All of these could be the start of a lawsuit, or a claim against your business. This type of insurance protects you, defending you with legal representation, and paying a judgement if it comes to that. Make sure you have the right coverage, and adequate amounts.


Property Insurance

Protect your company’s physical assets from risk and financial loss.

Risk includes…Fire, theft, water damage.

Physical assets…Stock, inventory, machinery, equipment, products, furniture.

It can all be covered by the right insurance


Commercial Umbrella

Simply put…excess insurance. Above and beyond the limits that are available on another liability policy.

Child Care Insurance
Cyber Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability

Management liability insurance for directors and officers of a corporation, whether for-profit or non-profit

Farm Owners Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Aka Errors and Omissions or Malpractice Liability Insurance

Responds to claims that someone failed their professional obligation, thereby causing damage or injury (not bodily injury).

Very common with real estate agents, insurance agents, lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists, financial consultants, designers, business coaches.

Any profession that requires a deeper level of education or licensing is where Professional Liability would be appropriate.


Workers Compensation

Coverage for injury to workers on the job, as required by law.

Loss of earnings coverage due to a work injury

Employer liability if you are sued for a workplace injury

Protect your business and your employees

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